There are so many wonderful things available to us here in the wine country. I am constantly finding new wines, restaurants and food items worth writing about and I hope that you will enjoy my discoveries.

This blog is not just about weddings, but about what makes this part of the world such a draw; great food, excellent wine and wonderful people. I hope you enjoy reading these posts and can find yourself here, enjoying the same amazing things we do.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Location

Talk about potential!  I just got back from a visit to an organic dairy farm located in the Two Rock Valley of Sonoma County.  Absolutely stunning with so many spots to create your dream wedding.  There is a vintage white victorian house, an old barn, an orchard and this amazing space for an open-sided tent.  I can see why Sundance just shot their recent catalog here...gorgeous with loads of potential!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


We had a fabulous dinner last night at the new (old) Catelli's up in Geyserville.  For those not familiar with the history, the restaurant was originally Catelli's The Rex which was forced to move to Healdsburg during a divorce in the family...a new restaurant was then opened called Santi (which has since moved and closed) and now the grandchildren have re-opened the restaurant, called Catelli's.  It was absolutely packed with families with young children (like ourselves), people re-fueling after a day of wine tasting, local vintners and farmers all enjoying three generations of family recipes.  The food was local, simple and not overly priced...just delicious.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Copain Wines

I visited Copain Wines yesterday in the beautiful Russian River Valley.  The incredible views are matched by the chic, understated hipness to the property ~ definitely my type of location!  It is perfectly situated for a fabulous wedding or welcome dinner and because they only do a handful of private events a year, there is great energy and warmth to the setting.  I absolutely loved this property and am looking forward to planning some amazing events there!